Lifstyl Real Estate’s commission plans take the guesswork out of an
agent’s largest expense: Broker Fees with Lifstyl Real Estate’s fixed cost
system, you, the agent, keep 100% of what you earn. Our
agent-centric company gives you the freedom to invest in yourself
and your brand.

    Streamline Your Business

    The old real estate model is antiquated and inefficient. Lifstyl Real Estate has streamlined and automated your business to boost your productivity to increase your bottom line. Our cloud-based systems save time with transaction and document management, collecting and distributing escrow funds and keeping track of your business with our accounting systems. Our CRM will automate your business. You simply set it up, and it will do the rest. With behavioral automation, our system will help you stay connected with your SOI or help brand new leads.

    Love Our Tools

    We offer a tiered website platform with a Smart CRM built with the broadest set of integrated and simple-to-use Lead-Generation tools that make it easy to create Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages. Other features include: listings boosts on Social Media, open house app, consumer app, comprehensive CMA packets, online escrow collection, text codes, QR codes, and even postcards.

    Love Our Broker Support

    Our Brokers provide unparalleled support and are always available to answer all of your questions. Our open door policy  means there is always someone there to support our the needs of our agent and to help them grow their business. We constantly host trainings, mastermind and accountability groups and help take our agents to the next level. For new agents, our mentorship programs are designed to help them build a foundation for a long career in Real Estate. If you are an experienced agent with a passion to teach others how to build a real estate business, ask about our mentor program to add an additional stream of income.

    Love Our Culture

    Lifstyl Real Estate is an innovative, independent real estate brokerage dedicated to empowering real estate brokers and agents. From the very beginning Lifstyl Real Estate invested in the success of our people – not because it would increase our profits but because we truly care. Our goal from the start: build a company that fosters a unique, relaxed, collaborative and positive culture that gives everyone a voice. We are a network of big dreamers and high-achieving entrepreneurs who have come together to change an industry, make a difference in local communities and support our agents.

    Which Plan Is For You?

    We offer three great plans depending where you are at in your career:

    The GROWTH PLAN is for agents new in the business that need a mentor to help guide them in building successful real estate career. Our mentors will guide you step-by-step on how to build your real estate business.

    The OPPORTUNITY PLAN is for agents that close up to 12 transaction sides per year. For a flat $495 per transaction side you keep 100% of what you earn, empowering you to invest in yourself and your business.

    The LIMITLESS PLAN is for Top Producing agents and teams that close over 12 transaction sides per year. For a flat monthly fee of $795 and $100 per month per team members you and your entire team pays ZERO transactions fees. Ask about our paid in advance discount available for limitless agents.


    Monthly Fee | $95

    Transaction Fee | 25/75%

    Cap | $22,000*monthly fee included


    Monthly Fee | $150

    Transaction Fee | $495

    Cap | $16,000*monthly fee included


    Monthly Fee | $795

    Transaction Fee | 0

    Cap | Paid in advance discount available

    Our Culture is built on core values Do you have a never-ending thirst for learning and are you COACHABLE? Are you COMMITTED to always striving for excellence? Do you always hold yourself to the highest level of INTEGRITY? Do you have a POSITIVE mindset? Are PASSIONATE about your success, business and your life? Then you are a great fit at Lifstyl Real Estate.